Brenda Jarrett – Director

A graduate of Midwestern University and Lake County College,  Brenda Jarrett created Wichita Falls Art-Entertainment & Culture WFAEC), a tax exempt organization designed to allow youth to express their innate talents. In 1994 the facility that we now call the “Youth Opportunities Center,” was donated to the organization by the Senior-Junior Forum of Wichita Falls. Since 1987 YOC has provided cultural activities for Wichita Falls and surrounding area.

“I believe that each and every person in truth is created in the image of our Universal God, and is born with innate talents. Using these talents enhances creativity, individuality and independence.”

Ramona Stegal

You Call THAT Art?

Ramona was introduced to the Youth Opportunity Center when she returned to Wichita Falls in 2012, by volunteering her time in the office. She began by helping with different organizational projects, and became more involved with creating art with the children at the center. Ramona now serves as Chairman of the Board for the YOC.

“One can always find beauty in the abstract, as long as they are willing to learn how to see their world in a different perspective. ”    


Elsa Rueda

Grupo de danza “Mis raices”

Elsa Rueda is the instructor of Grupo de danza “Mis raices”, “My roots,” at the Youth Opportunities Center. Elsa has volunteered at the YOC for over 17 years, and has over 25 years of experience in Mexican Folklore. Her commitment and dedication continues to flourish as she inspires youth to participate in her program.


Dr. Alan Martin

Music is Life!”

Dr. Alan Martin is presently teaching music at the Youth Opportunities Center. He is dedicating his time to volunteer at the YOC and help youth explore their musical talents. He also serves as Director of Internationals Ministry, and teaches English as a Second Language at Lamar Baptist Church.

“JBJ Artistry”


Jessica Johnson

“Jessica has been volunteering her time at Yoc for four years. She has experience in clay, paint, murals, etc. Jessica studied Fine Arts at Midwestern State University and currently works for Wichita Falls Independent School District. She is also the owner of JBJ Artistry based out of Wichita Falls and serves on the board of directors.

“A true artist doesn’t seek approval from others but follows their own heart and passion.” – Jessica B. Johnson

Contact Jessica at: 940-613-2737      Web:

Email:                        Facebook: Jbjartistry


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